Tips How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

There are surprisingly an excellent variety of mother and father who like to have twins. Although most of them are conscious that there exist some artificial strategies like inseminating artificially with a number of embryo, many try to know find out how to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally.

With a view to conceive twins, there isn’t a single assured pure method. The moms to be can solely combine a number of the doable pure means to perform their need by increasing the chance of dual consumption.

Perceive The Family History

If both of the accomplice’s household historical past has a twin conception, then the probabilities of getting twins are higher. Genetics play an essential role in the potential of Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally.

Acquire Body Weight

Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally Tips How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

In many of the circumstances it has been noticed that increased body weight helps to increase the chance of Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally. This issue relates with the production of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play an active function within the menstruation cycle and decide the ovulation. This might occasionally trigger hyper ovulation, however shouldn’t be solely answerable for getting twins within the womb naturally.

Take Meals That Set off Hyperovulation

It has been effectively noted that the meals that include plentiful quantity of cholesterol has possibilities to stimulate hyper ovulation. There are another foods which are particularly known for inflicting hyperovulation. They embody wild yams and the Maca that are mostly present in Peru.

Each of them are efficient in stimulating hyperovulation as it has the potential to increase the progesterone ranges in the system. Another foods that stimulate the progesterone levels are tofu, soy isoflavones, wheat germ, entire grains, walnuts.

Improve The Number Of Pregnancies

Studies present that extra pregnancies by a woman will increase the prospect of getting twins naturally. Every being pregnant is prone to increase the possibility of getting twin conception. Therefore the woman who has given beginning previously has extra chance of getting twins in the subsequent time. This is once more associated to the increased level of progesterone with extra pregnancies that may assist twin pregnancy in future.

Advance In Age Might Cause Twin Pregnancy

Statistic exhibits that a girl who advances in age from mid thirties to forties are extra possible of getting pregnant with twins. This nevertheless does not imply that pregnancy must be delayed to mid thirties with a view to accomplish the need to realize twins.

Take Extra Fat Dairy Products

How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally1 Tips How To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Taking extra fat dairy merchandise are more possible to stimulate hyper ovulation. This is because the fat is once more the ldl cholesterol which triggers the progesterone degree which is often responsible for extra eggs to be produced for fertilization throughout ovulation.

The above hints are the possible pure tricks to get pregnant with twins without any synthetic methods like laboratory insemination. It is nevertheless not a guaranteed methodology or a prescribed recommendation on methods to get pregnant with twins naturally.

Those dad and mom who would love to have twins might attempt many of the doable strategies mentioned above for a profitable pregnancy with a twins with out synthetic means.

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  • joevsyou

    I had been elevated eating junk food, fried meals chocolate and a myriad of things like that. Well I am no t nearly body fat that isn’t my concern. I’ve got a 12 months old daughter and something baby in route and I wish to train them great habits for afterwards in existence. I watch this show constantly on TLC known as “john and kate plus 8′ in case your unfamiliar with the show I’ll let you know just a little about this. They might conceive naturally so that they needed to do Inverto coupled with twins the very first time they made the decision to possess yet another and wound up with 6 (3 boys and three women) so 8 kids. Well anyway Kate (the mother) is really good about cooking each meal, each meal is organic food, and never giving the children lots of chocolate. I would like so bad to become like this but I’m not sure how. Can anyone NICELY produce top tips or tips thanks!

  • norrin_shadowwolf

    So why do nurture people think that identical twins have different DNAs? I have met individuals who think that identical twins are socialized into searching exactly the same as well as their dnas will vary. Why can’t people open their eyes and find out that genetics really exist which identical twins have identical dna.

  • jdfan

    I am 8 days pregnant plus they just confirmed that I am getting twins! I am sooo scared and nervous but ultimately super excited, I am likely to be 22 and so i am fairly youthful but simply this news of childbearing (using what I figured was just one) had me going insane with feelings. But exactly how very different is really a twin pregancy/ birth than the usual regular pregnancy? Any tips about following the babies are born?

    Also, would you “favor” one twin within the other?

    Thanks ahead of time!


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  • thinkthought

    I have a gorgeous baby boy who is nearly 5 months and my husband and I only wanted one baby next preferably a girl but now I really want twins. Twins dont run in my family or my husbands so I was wondering if there was anything we could do to increase chances of having twins?

  • Cpt Excelsior

    Hubby end i have been trying since beginning of this year…help???????any tips whatsoever…

  • Andres C

    We tried allot and still i am not getting pregnant. I want natural ways don’t want to do IVF etc as i heard in many cases it effects allot on body and possibilities increase to brain problems in baby during pregnancy.

  • Andre

    I have kids, Im married, I just want Twins, but dont want to do anything extreme…Just some real helpful tips…possibly from people who HAVE twins.

  • Courtney

    I seriously thought last month I had got pregnant but NO aunt flow showed her ugly face = [
    So devastating.. I hate that feeling not to mention as soon as my period was one day late the cost of HPTs.
    Any natural tips on getting pregnant ?
    This month my hubby made me promis I would not get all wrapped up on documenting every time we have sex, taking my temp everyday and worry when I am ovulating he dose think us TC is the best thing on earth because he gets it at least 3 or 4 times a week (were trying not to turn sex into a job)

    I am so hoping this is our month = [ Will make for the best Christmas.
    Is there still any hope that we will conceive naturally after 14 months?

  • josh12rox

    My brother’s wife is pregnant with twins — naturally, they run in our family big time. every other generation going back 12 sets of twins. My dad is an identical twin :)
    So anyway, they have a little boy who will be four right before the babies are born. Not sure the sex yet.
    They are beside themselves with worry. She’s very petite, and she’s worried that she won’t gain enough weight. She’s worried that getting 2 siblings at once will stress out their son. My brother is mostly worried because they won’t be able to send all 3 to fancy schools right away like they did for my nephew. I already bought them a great book and my brother has already warned her she needs to start gaining weight now (she’s 12 weeks btw) before the babies start using up all her nutrients.
    Any tips from other moms of twins, or moms-to-be of twins? :) My brother has already asked for my help, especially in the beginning because he won’t be able to get much time, if any, off of work, so I might be using some of this advice myself! :)

  • Sir fliesalot

    hey guys i have a question. so i put out a message 2 days ago about trying to concieve twins. my thing is that i can conceive because i already have a 2 year old. i was recently pregnant but i lost it because the baby wasn’t growing and if i was to contiue with the pregnancy the baby would have been born still i wanted to use fertility drugs to hope for twins. Oncer i researched it i found out my insurance covered it both meds and treatment. but once i read about all the risk with taking fertility drugs i kinda changes my mind. now here the hard part so follow along. my mon has 24 sets of twins in her family and 2 sets of triplets naturally conceived. my dad side has 17 sets of twins. both my mom and dad were twins but both died at birth due to poor prenatal care. so i read online that you can try to conceive twins naturally. and i fit the profile. i’m african american, twins run in my family,and i tall. so all i have to do is take folic acid and eat yams gain a little weight. my boyfriend agreed that he wanted twins as well. I really love kids. even though i’m 21 i want to have the all while im young. don’t worry im in my last year of nursing school so i’ll be able to afford them. i want to try in either january of march .Has anyone ever heard of or know anyone who convieved twins natrually or do you guys have any tips of your own???

  • Erfan

    me and my husband would like to have a child very soon we have been tryin for the last 9 moths help please i already have one child

  • Stevalicious

    I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins and my blood pressure at the doctor was 135/85 – they checked it at the beginning and end of the appointment and it did not go down. I am concerned – my normal blood pressure is usually a little below 120/80. Should I follow up on this? I don’t have another appointment for a few more weeks. Is there anything I can do to lower my blood pressure? Will exercise and cutting out salt help? I was just given clearance to start exercising again.

  • Brendan O

    I will try to make this quick for you all. Thanks for reading…

    I am 19 currently. I have been married for almost two years now. At 16, I first became pregnant, by accident. At 7 weeks along, I had a miscarriage.
    Then again, at 17, I became pregnant. Yet another miscarriage at 8 weeks along.

    Health problems:
    fibroid tumor
    had a bartholin cyst removed surgically
    I have a cyst on my left ovary that is 5cm
    my periods, since the miscarriages, have been irregular…meaning they come anywhere between 32-36 days.
    heart palpitations

    I have been trying for over a year now to become pregnant again, and no luck. I am starting to get really discouraged. I have been taking prenatal, prescribed folic acid vitamins, have stopped drinking, I generally eat healthy and I excerise quiet often. I do work as a general manager of a construction company, and with this being the most busy time of year, I have been very stressed. I know that doesn’t help with me trying to conceive, but there’s not much I can do about that.

    I am 5’7″ and I weight 130…so I’m not considered over-weight.
    I just don’t understand how I am so young, and to be having this problem.

    We try at least every other day, and with my period always being irregular, I don’t always know when I’m ovulating, but when I figure I am, we have sex once a day, everyday. I don’t know how else to go about becoming pregnant.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you and god bless.

  • uberfailz

    i want to have twins, but i want to do it naturally (no drugs) any ideas?
    i already have 2 children we have been trying for twins naturaly. my father is a twin and my cousins aer twins. my husband also has twins on his side of the family.

  • turg143

    What is it like to be a mum of twins?
    Does it take a lot more out of you?

    I’m pregnant with twins it’s either two boys or two girls and they are identical.

    I just need some tips about how to look after two babies.
    Oh and i am 17.
    With a good job.
    I get a goood amount of money every week and same with the daddy.
    Thankyou (:

  • Arminator

    I was ecstatic when my fiance told me she was pregnant, but she just found out there going to be twins! I’m really freaked out, I have never had a child let alone twins! I don’t know right now. Can anybody give me any tips on? (Parenting, Guidelines, Dos n Don’ts, etc.)

  • Brody S

    I’ve just read that 1 in 50 women can experience a uteri nary rupture and can die from this by taking pitocin. Is this true? Can someone die from pitocin, even through overdose?

    Maybe you can help me entirely. I am writing a book and the wife gave birth to one healthy baby and one a still birth. After giving birth the mother dies, not through hemorrhage but by something else. The doctor gave pitocin to induce labour so I was going to say that she died from this. Anyone have ideas how I can play this out? Basically hemorrhage is always the cause so I’m trying to think of something rare or that people barely hear of as to how a woman can die after giving birth.

    Any idea, help, tips, hints, tricks, answers, etc.?? Lol

    Thank you for all related answers!
    All answers are very much appreciated!

    P.S. If this is in the wrong category, I apologize.
    Tell me the correct one, & I will switch it.

    Thanks Again!


  • Dr Dorian

    My husband an I have been trying on an off for about 3 yrs to have a baby. Everyone tells us that when we stop trying that we’ll get pregnant.. at the same time we’re wondering if there is something wrong with either one of us. And we cant afford to go get checked out.. what can we do to help us get pregnant?

  • shahedC

    I’m pregnant with twins. I’m trying to decide what they should sleep in when they come home from the hospital?

  • Jonathan

    I have a very high sperm count.
    is it possible to trade my regular for twins if i convince my wife and another couple?

  • skychi99

    Well, hello everyone! Today I am in happy and a little scared mood. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and today we had our first ultrasound. First the doctor found two heartbeats! Twins! Then after moving the monitor around of my belly, he picked up yet another heartbeat. Triplets! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 months or so, and we conceived the triplets naturally. I’m extremely nervous for the baby’s health and my own. Does anyone have any experience with three? Any tips or guidelines would help! Thanks so much and I could use all of your support!
    Thanks you, and I will be sure to relax. I will keep you all update on my pregnancy and thank you again for your encouraging answers!

  • Salam

    hi my son is 10 months now and I am 6 months pregnant I know he is to young to understand and he is to young to get him involved in loads.
    He will be 13 and a half months when the baby comes. Just wondering if there are any mums with baby’s close together have any tips.

    Thanks =)

  • crzyinluv

    Or are there exceptions? Like Fraternal twins that are really close–as close as identical twins are?

  • opurt

    If twin brothers marry twin sisters and they both have children (who would be cousins) – would they be also be twins?

  • supernerd567

    I know identical twins are made from a spilt egg, but my 11 year old nephew is asking.

  • Zack Faria

    My husband’s Grandmother is a twin, and on my dad’s side my uncle and aunt are twins. My husband and i had our first baby boy in Nov 2008. But we are planning in the next couple of years to have 2 more and we’re thinking maybe it might be twins, so i just wanted to know if anyone knew how that works?

  • Wooooody

    It took my husband and I about 3 years to concevie our twins, however I had been on birth control for about 10 years before that. It seemed that it finally happened naturally after we just stopped trying. We are ready to start trying again and I’m wondering if anybody has any good tips. I have not been on birth control at all since after I had my twins, so essentially shouldn’t it be easier this time? I plan to chart my basal body temperature to figure out when I’m ovulating, I bought a thermometer for this. Has anybody had any experience with this?


    Im just wondering cause im pregnant and twins go through mine and my boyfriends family. Im only 15 years old and im freaking out. If you know anything please help me.

  • morbiusdog

    I’m 5 months pregnant with twin girls and I’m curious how much other twins weighed and when were they born (how many weeks). My first son, who is now 10 months old, was born 4 weeks early and I know twins typically come early anyways. My doctor says there’s a possibility they can be born even earlier. I’m really worried about them being in the NICU. I would just like to hear some stories of mom’s who have been in a similar situation. Thanks!

  • Dr Hank

    Is it almost inevitable that a pregnancy with twins will result in a C-section? Or are there good chances of still being able to deliver vaginally? This is assuming that the mother has had successful previous vaginal births. Thx for your opinions!

  • nathan

    Her sons weren’t twins. She had twin brothers, identical. I really want to have twins when I’m older so I just really want to know if I have any chances having twins. And es, i know that if you eat yams or anything dairy you have a better chance of having twins.

  • Michael

    Why do nurture people believe that identical twins have different DNAs? I’ve met people who believe that identical twins are socialized into looking the same and their dnas are different. Why can’t people open their eyes and see that genetics actually exist and that identical twins have identical dna.

  • callofduty5123412

    I’ve wanted twins since I was a very little girl, and I don’t want to get pregnant unless I have twins. Is there some way I can know if I can conceive twins?
    Twins in my family skip three generations, and I am the third generation. I guess that’s why I’m so bent on having twins.
    What is ttc?

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