Natural Home Remedies For Menorrhagia in Women

The health-related term for heavy bleeding that occurs each time a girl is menstruating is Menorrhagia.A woman who experiences the issue goes via significant blood reduction such as excruciating pain during the stomach plus the pelvis.

The bleeding lasts for additional than five days which frequently will cause weak spot and anemia in the girl.The bleeding won’t always be significant but goes on for an abnormal period of time.Due to numerous good reasons pretty much all ladies expertise Menorrhagia at the very least as soon as.

However, for some women Menorrhagia is a month to month incidence. In this sort of situations the major and extended bleeding really should not be overlooked or it may develop into existence threatening.There are organic ways of dealing with Menorrhagia using useful natural and home remedies.

Treatment of Menorrhagia devised1 Natural Home Remedies For Menorrhagia in Women

Though 1 may possibly would like to consult with a health care provider to learn the explanations for that issue. The medical professional will take care of the situation depending on its lead to.Let us have a look at several of the dwelling treatments which might be used to cure Menorrhagia.

Cinnamon For Menorrhagia Remedies

Cinnamon is a spice that is utilized in dishes to incorporate taste and aroma. Even so, the spice can also be advantageous in dealing with Menorrhagia in girls. Getting an individual teaspoons of cinnamon powder with cold water 3 times through the day can ease loss of blood.

Ingesting cinnamon tea can also be a fantastic choice. Get ready the tea by boiling a person teaspoon of cinnamon powder in one cup of drinking water. You may include honey towards the tea for flavor. Drink this natural concoction four moments daily to receive reduction from constant bleeding.


Parsley can be an herb that’s used for garnishing numerous dishes mainly non-vegetarian kinds. Prepare a glass of clean parsley juice and consume at the least 100ml of your juice three times over the day. You can prepare the juice by boiling parsley leaves in distilled water. The juice should be experienced following just about every meal during the first about three times of your durations.

Fenugreek Seeds

Get 5 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and include them to 1 liter of boiling water. Boil the seeds for 7-10 minutes. Interesting and strain the concoction. This concoction really should be had daily in between foods. Drink the fenugreek water on a daily basis of your respective periods.

Menorrhagia 2 Natural Home Remedies For Menorrhagia in Women

It should enable reduce the lack of blood from the physique and in addition reduce menstrual cramping. You could include a teaspoon of honey or 50 percent teaspoon sugar to produce the concoction flavor far better.


Ginger is a superb herb for treating numerous conditions at your house. It is also superior for curing Menorrhagia. Ginger aids regulate the move of blood in the system and likewise eases menstrual cramps during the stomach along with the pelvis. Incorporate lots of raw ginger in your food; you could potentially also ingest ginger tea 4 instances per day to appease your nerves.

Really don’t add sugar or milk for the tea however you can include some honey. Prepare ginger tea by boiling 200 grams grated ginger in fifty percent a liter of water. Boil the ginger for 10-12 minutes. Pressure the concoction and allow it to come back right down to warm temperature just before consuming it. Usually do not permit the tea great; heat it a tad previous to consuming.

Remedies For Menorrhagia in Women-Part2

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  • Hannah

    I are afflicted by menorrhagia, that has been a trait within my family for some time. My period is definitely lengthy + heavy, and i’m forever in terrible agony. It always lasts about nine days. (Not joking)

    I simply began my period, and my birthday is within 2 days around the 27th. I’ve got a huge day within the city planned with more than 20 people. I’m not sure how to proceed because the first four days would be the worst!

    Does anybody have advice? :(

  • Roar me R

    is that this menorrhagia or simply normal? i recieve my period very heavy for seven days each time. i must put on an excellent tampon and maxi pad and alter it every to hrs. during the night i must put on 2 or 3 maxi pads and often i still leak through my sheets. I sometimes have clots and that i have bad cramps with my period. i simply began my first period 11 several weeks ago.

  • whites are not the only racists

    so, im 19, and that i possess some female issues: dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. to put it simply, dysmenorrhea causes excrutiating discomfort and nausea as i am on my small period. menorrhagia causes my bleeding to become very heavy tampon and pad drenched in forty-five minutes for an hour.

    im on seasonique contraception, and because of start bleeding tuesday or wednesday. my significant problem is, this is my first week of the new semester attending college, and that i cannot miss class.

    i cant take narcotic pain relievers because of bad unwanted effects, so my physician instructed me to consider 800 mg of ibuprofen, wait 4 hrs, take 1500 mg acetaminophen, and repeat the cycle every 4 hrs. regrettably, this does not always work and im quit in extreme discomfort.

    would you girls have any strategies for discomfort management? i am unable to miss class, and i’ll be in classes from 8 am to at least one:30 pm without any breaks, so hot baths and heating pads are unthinkable.

    help. and thanks.

  • mavis24

    Three days ago I’d sex having a guy who had herpes. Not much later I wound up visiting the hospital since i was going through some irregular vaginal bleeding. They required came some bloodstream and that i were built with a pap smear. My physician stated it had become jus menorrhagia. I barley discovered today the guy had herpes. I haven’t got any fever blisters or anything. And my vagina looks normal.

  • stephen m

    My physician recommended i’ve got a pelvic ultrasound since i have menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea. Am i going to be getting a transabdominal ultrasound or transvaginal?


  • ScRSC

    so i heard bananas relieve cramps, and bananas have potassium in them, so if you eat alot of other foods with potassium in them will your cramps go away?!
    lol i was actually talking about period cramps, but i have muscle cramps too, so good info. i shoulda specified

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